Craft Beers on Tap at The Hope & Bear

Variety is the spice of life! So, why not come and explore one or two new craft beers from our handpicked range?

From a delicious summer ale to a classic London lager and a punchy supernatural beer that is full of flavour. We have a selection of craft beers that will have everyone’s taste buds tingling.

Round up your mates, dates and family and join us at The Hope & Bear.

We'll have different beers on rotation daily but hurry, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Brooklyn Defender IPA – 5.5%
Brooklyn Brewery

Strong notes of tropical fruit, muscled bitterness with a dry finish.

Brooklyn Summer Ale – 5.0%
Brooklyn Brewery

Light, zesty with a floral aroma – clean finish & perfect for summer.

Strawberry Hells Forever – 4.6%

Tart, crisp and well-rounded lager with a strawberry twist.

Five Points Jupa – 5.5%
Brewing Company

Juicy citrus flavours, bursting with pineapple, mango & papaya.

Gigglemug – 4.9%
London Brewing Co.

Sweet, ripe tropical fruit flavours, with a dry finish & medium body.

Saucery – 3.9%
Magic Rock Brewing

Lightly sweet malt, with layers of tropical fruit & a balanced bitterness.

Meantime Easytime Lager – 4.0%

Peachy, easy-drinking lager – fresh and packed with flavour.

ALL CAPS! – 4.5%
American Pils


Sputnik – 5%
North Brewing Co.

A fruity candy aroma with assertive piney bitterness – everyone’s favourite pale ale is back!